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Frequently Asked Questions

How long must I keep my old records?

Federal and Provincial Governments each have requirements that are Industry specific. Generally most records are kept for 7 years however some vital records are kept permanently. These would include titles, leases, and wills, to name a few. Refer to official governmental retention schedules.

What is a standard file box?

Industry standard file boxes hold legal paper in one direction and letter size in the other direction. These file boxes measure 10x12x16 inches. This size of box is easy to handle and transport.

What is certified destruction?

When your cartons and contents are no longer required and you wish to permanently dispose of them, you may require confidential destruction. This process has your cartons shredded by our licensed and bonded company with a certificate of destruction if required. 

How do I know my documents are safe?

The facilities storing your important documents are protected by 24-hour security systems motion detectors, alarms, and restricted entry.

How much does it cost to shred my documents or computer tapes?

Files are typically shred for mere pennies. For a price quote call 250-287-4492,  or email us at shredding@cradacl.bc.ca.

What are the steps to get me started?

Contact us by email or telephone with your questions and requirements. We will be glad to address your questions and provide you with an estimate.

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