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Skyline Productions

Safeguarding Your Future. Securing Your Past.
Skyline Confidential Paper Shredding is a not for profit business with a mission to serve our community while employing people with developmental disabilities. With your support, we can continue....

Free up expensive storage space and eliminate the opportunity for identity theft with our safe and secure paper shredding service. Our industrial paper shredders offer increased security over personal and office shredders. Confidential paper shredding is available to individuals and business as a one time service, for periodic clean-up or as a regularly sheduled service. We also offer secure containers for your office.

Helping People Help Themselves

Do you need more information? Call our Campbell River office at 250-287-4492, or email us at shredding@cradacl.bc.ca. We will be glad to address your questions and present you with practical file management strategies to shred and scan your documents.

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